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CITE Cohort 2022-2023

“In “The Heart of a Teacher” (1997), Parker Palmer said the following: “We meet as fellow travelers and offer encouragement to each other in this demanding but deeply rewarding journey across the inner landscape of education” (p. 15). After spending almost a year together and experiencing the cycle of seasons, I have learned that a community is a feeling we have when we are connected to each other and place. This sense of connectedness is essential to learning and teaching, including how we develop our understanding of the kinds of teachers the world needs us to be. CITE builds a supportive community where travelers from all paths of life can come together in one shared transformative journey to collaborate, share challenges, and learn from one another. Dear traveler, if you are searching for a community where you can grow alongside other curious learners and engage in inquiry and self-reflection, then I hope your inner compass points you in the direction of CITE”.

 Maggie Yu (Recent CITE Graduate) 

“The CITE cohort creates a nurturing environment that enables you to challenge the status quo and venture into unexplored territory through its two fundamental principles: teacher inquiry and community. Teacher inquiry is important because it is through the process of learning that we learn how to teach. By asking critical questions, we naturally discover ways of finding answers to our questions and refining our thoughts and methodologies. By sharing our ideas, we learn the significance of a community. It is through our interactions, our questions, and our evolving behaviours that we learn to construct meaning in our lives and the CITE cohort provides you with a strong foundation to do just that”

Jaspreet Rekhi (Recent CITE graduate)  

“I consider myself lucky to have spent the last year learning alongside my professors and peers in the CITE cohort. Our program was composed of courses, workshops, and practicums. Together, we explored teaching methodology, child development, and schools as social institutions. We also pursued independent inquiry projects. Inspired by compelling moments of practicum, we asked questions about students, curriculum, social justice, and teaching techniques. As a learning community, we supported one another to write narratives, conduct research, and identify implications for our teaching practice. Now, as we begin careers in education and beyond, our cohort carries forward both our learning and community”.

Maggie Coval (Recent CITE graduate)

Karly (recent CITE Grad) with Cohort Sneak Peek

Welcome to CITE! 

We are celebrating our 25th year as an elementary B.Ed. program option at UBC in the Richmond School District.  The following pages provide an overview of the program.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Anish Sayani (anish.sayani@ubc.ca) 

Dr. Anne Phelan (anne.phelan@ubc.ca),